Pet Endodontics Carbondale, CO

YES! Endodontics for our pet friends! Both dogs and cats can have root canal treatment.


Pet Endodontics Carbondale, CO

For broken, damaged, or otherwise non-vital teeth, this alternative enables pets to KEEP these teeth WITHOUT experiencing ongoing agony or pain. The methods, materials, and tools are the same as those applied on humans only LONGER. Because their dental roots are 3–10 times longer than ours, our pets need unique or altered equipment. The advantage of a Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is that it is LESS intrusive than extraction, allowing the pet to preserve their tooth for function and resulting in a far quicker recovery! The documented success rate for RCT with dogs and cats is 95%, but follow-up is still necessary.

Vital Pulp Therapy

Vital Pulp Therapy is another typical endodontic technique. (VPT). As the name suggests, this surgery is carried out on teeth that are VITAL and whose pulp tissue (blood vessels and nerves) have been exposed in order to save the tooth. Since pulp tissue will get inflamed (pulpitis), which is uncomfortable, and eventually die (pulp necrosis), which will result in tooth death, teeth with exposed pulp NEED to be treated. The two indications for this surgery are INTENTIONAL pulp exposure following a crown reduction procedure for the treatment of traumatic malocclusions and ACUTE pulp exposure from trauma. After the exposed/inflamed pulp has been eliminated, the pulp chamber is sealed with a pulp dressing before a two-layer restoration is applied.

As the purpose of this operation is to KEEP the tooth alive, follow-up is also necessary. (in addition to removing pain). Dental radiographs are the only way to establish that dentin deposition has proceeded. (dentinogenesis).

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