Pet Periodontal Surgery Carbondale, CO

There are Several options for treatment between “just a cleaning” and “tooth extraction” this is where pets can thrive and why every tiny patient receives its own treatment plan.


Pet Periodontal Surgery Carbondale, CO

Periodontal disease can occasionally leave us with no choice but to extract teeth when there is attachment (periodontal ligament between the alveolar bone and tooth root) LOSS. To obtain soft tissue attachment (RP), new alveolar bone, or periodontal ligament attachment, however, in less severe cases, therapies like Root Planing and Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR) can be performed. (GTR). These methods enable the preservation of strategically significant/functional teeth and are analogous to those applied in human periodontal therapy. These operations are very thrilling and fulfilling. They need follow-up and pet/owner adherence to at-home dental hygiene practises for the optimum results.

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