Companion Dentistry and Oral Surgery

Exceptional Equine Oral Healthcare 

Our Veterinarian

Dr. Louise Marron – Board-Certified Equine Dentist serving Colorado’s Western Slope

Dr. Marron offers expert equine dental care, ensuring your horse receives the best treatment for optimal oral health and overall well-being.

Equine Dental Care on Colorado’s Western Slope

Equine dental care is essential for maintaining a horse’s overall health, preventing issues such as malnutrition and discomfort caused by dental abnormalities. Regular check-ups and treatments ensure that the horse’s teeth are properly aligned, reducing the risk of oral infections and improving their ability to chew food efficiently.

oral care

Equine Exams and Diagnostic Imaging

A comprehensive oral health assessment and cleaning involves an examination of the entire oral cavity.

Dental Equilibration (floating)

Horses with oral issues may exhibit overt symptoms like discomfort or irritation, or they may not exhibit any symptoms at all.

Equine Oral Surgery

Oral surgery refers to any surgical procedure that is performed on the mouth, teeth, or jaw of a horse and can be necessary for a variety of reasons.