Pet Dental Extractions Carbondale, CO

The most frequent procedure carried out as part of COHATs is tooth extraction, which is second only to scaling and polishing.


Pet Dental Extractions Carbondale, CO

Next to scaling and polishing, tooth extraction is one of the procedures that we conduct as part of our COHATs. With surgical extractions, there is no “one size fits all” solution. The decision to extract a tooth depends on several factors, including the affected tooth, the severity AND kind of the disease, the general health and behaviour of the pet, and the owner’s capacity for and willingness to provide follow-up care and at-home oral hygiene. Each of our patients has their own treatment plan because they are “42 and 30 tiny patients” (dogs have 42 permanent teeth and cats have 30).

There are a variety of situations where a tooth may need to be extracted, including severe periodontal disease, fractures, non-vitality, persistent deciduous (baby) teeth, and traumatic malocclusions (see Endodontics and Orthodontics for additional treatment options). All patients also undergo a local/regional nerve block prior to surgery and a postoperative radiograph to confirm full extraction in addition to systemic analgesics (painkillers).

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